Collaborative Projects

Ship Energy Efficiency Management

The SEEM collaborative project aims to evaluate the best methodology for achieving optimum efficiency in the compilation of SEEM policy to be adjusted with IMO guidelines and ISO 50001 standard, the development of the proper information system to cover data collection, monitoring and action requirements and the development of the Optimum SEEM Decision Support System based on the calm and rough water characteristics of each vessel.

Superintendents Module

The project aims to provide the Superintendent Engineer with a tool to create, follow up,  and update the Vessel Inspection Report and Job Order List during scheduled Vessel visits and to retrieve Status and History reporting.

Document Management

The project will yield a Document & Task Management system that will enable companies to improve costs, response times, and accuracy, firstly, by centralizing critical business documents and files for sharing, controlled editing, and in-depth searches based on content and metadata and, secondly, streamlining project implementation.