Danaos History of Service

Danaos has achieved almost three decades of success in a constantly evolving software market

The last 25 years has seen a seismic shift in the software market moving from DOS to Windows and then the advent of the internet and Social Media, but throughout Danaos Management Consultants has kept evolving to meet the needs of its clients.

Our basic aim at the beginning was to deliver a fully integrated solution to ship-management. The approach was novel in its attempt to control non-flexible cost elements and to optimize the flexible cost elements.

The first version was launched in 1988 and by the early 1990s the company had gained over 50 clients. Danaos opened its first branch in the UK in 1992 followed by expansion in the USA.

The era heralded a watershed in shipping with the conceptualization of new shipping regulations designed to enhance safety and bring greater transparency to the sector. Danaos’ breakthrough came with the launch of its window-based software in 1996 that was well-timed to coincide with the implementation of the ISM code two years later. The first windows version was compatible with the audit control required by ISM and provided companies with a two-year window for implementation.

In the late 90s and early 2000 the company put all its efforts into its Enterprise solution with enhancements to meet the new goal-based concepts such as TMSA. The new system has been fully integrated at database and execution level providing seamless transfer of data.

It also moved into the outsourcing business with the set-up of its business process services company in India to fulfill the backend data inputting for shipping companies. Data entry is a vital component, but many companies don’t appreciate the vast efforts involved in inputting and upkeep. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their main business of running and managing ships.

Danaos continues to expand internationally by opening continuously new branches and by appointing representatives in almost all the major maritime centers world-wide. This solid expansion has helped the company to win major international customers, including state-owned conglomerates which operate hundreds of vessels. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit very hard the maritime industry, Danaos was one of the very few technology companies who was hiring more staff during the crisis (instead of contracting) in order to service several major contracts that we had signed just before the crisis hit. When the global turbulence abated, Danaos came out in a much stronger position than before, with increased global market share and enhanced reputation.