Freight & Hire Collection

Generate freight invoices / Hire Statements automatically based on integrated information from Fixture Memo and C/P clauses.

Capture cost recovery for deviations, war risk, IWL, Turkish Straits, Panama Canal, heating, recharging of owners and charterer’s items, etc.

Automatically from voyage tracking, SOFs, automatic tracking system, C/P clauses, voyage orders, etc.

  • Freight Invoices
  • Demurrage Invoices
  • Hire Invoices
  • Hire Statement Report
  • Fully integrated with Chartering and OPS
  • Detailed Invoice Item Analysis
  • User Defined Debit Credit Note Report
  • Link with Accounting
  • Automatic Calculations for Invoice items
  • Voyage in Calculations
  • Hire in Calculations
  • Owners Statement Report
  • Outstanding Analysis     

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