Master's General Account

Designed to facilitate the Operation Department of a shipping company to automatically check Master's Accounts. Handles multiple collective and individual crew agreements. Validates pay-slips received from the Master. Processes monthly and extra allotments. Produces wages, tax statements and records of crew ledgers. Calculates retroactive wages and updates the accounting system with relevant entries. Reports for various statistics are included. Generates automatically list with payments of Monthly.

Additional Validations in monthly MGA

  • New utility for computing onboard seamen balances (for budgeting purposes) with detailed analysis
  • Changes in the Office Advances procedure and generation of new report for the not allocated advances
  • Modification in the monthly allotments utility with the addition of corresponding bank details
  • New notification from vessel via alert for crew remittances and generation of new report
  • Changes in the procedure of producing seamen pay slips using the combination of collective and personal contract
  • Compliance with New Hellenic taxation 2012 – tax solidarity      

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