May 2014

DANAOS PLATFORM announcement

The Danaos Platform is the first implementation of the "Single Data Window" that follows the new standard for information dissemination in the European Union that has been developed by the e-Maritime initiative ( This new standard will be submitted to the European Commission for adoption as a pan-European standard to be followed by all the maritime stakeholders in the European state and private sectors. Moreover, all the forthcoming Danaos Users Meetings will be handled through the Platform, as follows:

1) Users Forums: Within the many forums in the Platform the users can view all the new developments and they can register online their comments and requests for improvements, in preparation for the physical meetings. We remind you that all users requests (that will be agreed by the majority of the users) submitted during the Users Conference are developed by Danaos free of charge!

2) Videoconferencing: All the sessions of the Users Meetings will be broadcast live, via videoconferencing, through the Platform videoconferencing facility. Your users can also "playback" the sessions at a later time, if they cannot attend online during the live session. See More .


Users Meeting from 27-30 May 2014  more...

January 2014

DANAOS announce WAVES application

WAVES is Fleet Performance Monitoring System  more...

January 2014


A utility tool allow the end user to tailor-build his/her personalized interface for Danaos systems

Using lists of existing  Danaos objects, any  images, multimedia, personal files, documents from the corporate document management system, etc., every user can create his/her personalized user interface by defining hot spots on the selected images   more...

R&D project to create a model for managing regulations digitally
(Oct  4 2013)

From Digital Ship magazine

Danaos participates in a recently launched research project, partly funded by the EU, will look at creating a model for digitally managing the various maritime regulations emanating from international, European and national authorities. More...

Danaos platform goes live


e-mar project

8/1/2013 / Danaos participates in the eu e-mar project 

The e-Mar project aims to empower the European maritime sector in offering efficient quality shipping services fully integrated in the overall European transport system over an upgraded information management infrastructure.

eMar approach will facilitate extensive participation of the European maritime public, business and research community in a knowledge development process leading to the specification of the e-Maritime Strategic Framework.

Our role is to prove the concept by integrating existing Danaos modules with the European Strategic Maritime Framework  (Esmf).

Danaos is committed to fully support Esmf not only on Danaos platform but also on the core functionality of the Danaos enterprise.

Danaos is also worldwide dominant in applied research for maritime industry. It has merited the funding of coordination or participatioon in decades of European Union Research competitions, national and private cooperative projects. Danaos is looking forward and beyond to be better as a key player in environmental friendly efficient transportation crossing oceans. Research activities are mainly focused in Energy efficiency, human Resources planning, communication, operation research, information and management science. Teamwork spirit, creative thinking and extrovation are optimaly combined in a goal efficency programming with holistic approach.     More...