Plan voyage and cargo stowage based on C/P and voyage order taking into consideration original chartering estimates derived during fleet scheduling.

Noon reports are automatically captured and updated in the voyage tracking. Any deviations from CP are automatically flagged.

Generates reports or shows alerts that assist the operations department to manage 'by exception' the voyage. Real time post analysis reports.

  • Vessel Scheduling
  • Events Scheduling
  • Cargo Scheduling
  • Vessel & Voyage Performance
  • Charter Party Compliance
  • Position Lists
  • Map Movement - Position
  • Owners / Charterers Contracts
  • Cargoes / Ports History
  • Voyage Results Actual vs Estimate
  • Bunkers FIFO Calculation
  • Vessel Report Viewer
  • Sublet Monitoring
  • Off Hire Management
  • COA Management
  • Voyage Instructions
  • Correspondences with Masters
  • Brokers & Customers for Vessels positions 

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