Optimal Routing System

Combining accurate vessel added resistance and sea-keeping data with best of breed weather forecasts, the Danaos SeaRoutes Decision Support System navigates your particular vessel through the oceans optimizing bunker consumption and passage time according to the market conditions.

Although the Danaos SeaRoutes system is producing voyage plans, weather forecasts and voyage summaries to be used onboard and ashore, it is totally different from the various other weather routing systems in the market today since it suggests the best path based on the detailed parameters of each vessel and the prevailing market requirements. If used as a mail service, no onboard installation is required, the optimization algorithm is executed ashore and the results are sent to the Master as a routing advice through a small email message (position mail).

Therefore there is no need for weather forecast data to be sent onboard, avoiding unnecessary communication load and/or consequent weather forecast information degradation, as other systems in the market do. The Vessel Operator is not involved in voyage planning procedure because the system does require a voyage plan suggested by the user, as needed by other systems. Only the current Vessel position / current time and destination position are required. The success of the system is based on detailed mathematical calculations performed at a dense array of sequential nodes placed on the course (every 5-10 miles).

Danaos SeaRoutes is the result of an EU supported research project, emphasizing the need for innovative systems that improve the quality of services, minimize the weather risks optimizing the passage cost and addressing optimally the inherited differences between the charterer and the operator. SeaRoutes has been thoroughly evaluated in different vessel types, with significant savings in bunker consumption with optimal vessel time utilization.

Danaos SeaRoutes received the quality label "Nominee for the European ICT Prize. As a background, Euro-CASE receives application forms from 33 countries which are assessed by the European ICT Prize evaluation group, consisting of 16 independent experts nominated by Euro-CASE and agreed by the European Commission. 50-70 Nominees for the European ICT Prize are selected among all applicants.

The Nominees have successfully passed a thorough, highly competitive evaluation procedure, rewarding them with the quality label "European ICT Prize Nominee".

The European recognition behind the selection of the Nominees facilitates access to finance, markets and partnerships, and enhances the visibility, credibility, and the future business prospects for the company.

The European ICT Prize Nominees receive valuable public visibility and media coverage, are promoted on the European ICT Prize website and receive the quality label and logo "Nominee for the European ICT Prize"

However an onboard system with graphical capabilities is already being developed as an alternative solution 

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