Voyage Estimation / Chartering

 Provides user with a quick and direct way of entering a Voyest. The user just enters the MINIMUM information required to execute a Voyest.

The execution of the voyest is a streamlined proccess amd message boxes or validations are kept to a minimum. User calculates the daily net revenue - TCE and performs "what if" scenarios to find what freight rates are required to achieve TCE/day results.

  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Fixture
  • Vessel Nomination
  • Cargo Nomination (COA)
  • Multiple Cargoes
  • Parceling
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Hire in / Voyage in Calculation
  • Round Voyage calculation
  • Optimum Speed
  • Laytime calculation
  • Quick Voyage Estimation
  • Combine Voyage Estimates
  • Voyests Group Comparison
  • Fully Load Cargoes
  • Auto Stem Bunkers
  • Optimize Loading Bunkering
  • BP, Netpas and Danaos Distances/ Routing/Map
  • Voyests Options Comparison
  • Historical data retrieval
  • COA Management    

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